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Veteran Bridge City artist, musician, songwriter & producer rebuilding the traditional recording approach one sound, beat & tone at a time.


Jesse Weiman utilizes passion, creativity and technology to help his clients make unforgettable music


“Music. It’s in you to give! ” ~ Official Jesse Weiman Music Producer ​ commercial


Going against the grain of traditional recording methods - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan artist, musician, songwriter (and most notably) music producer Jesse Weiman helps create music we all need to hear. Positively pushing and promoting his artists to become the best they possible can; Jesse Weiman has taken his background and experience and used it to becoming a driving force behind the scenes in the Saskatchewan music scene. As a seasoned session musician with an impressive 13 years inside the music industry (on stage and off), his ability to help write, create,record and produce has helped him become a highly sought after team member for many artist’s musical endeavours. Leaving no genre untouched, Jesse Weiman has become an asset in the careers of countless musicians - from underground pop punk band (Jezebel) to multi-award winning, chart topping country stars (Codie Prevost), his determination towards being a non typical producer has helped him gain respect and admiration from clients and fans alike.


Already personally familiar with the musicians role in a song, Jesse Weiman has blazed a new trail with his unconventional producing methods. Methods that have included on location recording, virtual instrumentation and a sound flexibility easily fitted to the hectic schedule of many touring artists who simply just aren’t able to set aside the time to work inside an actual studio. This process has been his own unique and creative way to rebuild the traditional recording model one sound, beat and tone at a time with the best interest of the artist (his clients) in mind.


A proud educator providing audio and audio-visual projects geared towards the benefit of the community - the time he dedicates to working alongside those with special needs is also a testament to the heart and thought commonly found within everything he does.


As the World continues to expand at a rapid pace in the fields of technology and music, you want to know that the person who is given the controls to your sound is confident, comfortable and capable of helping you bring it to life. Not only are these the qualities that help Jesse Weiman continue to succeed and grow as a producer, they are also what makes his work stand out amongst the rest.


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